Smart Living – Solutions for your everyday life with Phicomm smart home & smart health devices

While smartphones have become an essential part of most people’s life, the trend towards other smart devices for the home has developed in the last years. We want to improve and innovate with our know-how and our own devices in this new area of ​​smart living called Smart Home. In addition to the classic Phicomm wireless routers, which allow you to set up a wireless network at home easy and secure, we have developed a smart router. Its exceptionally high performance, which is only possible through the clustering of various new technologies, makes our Smart WLAN Router the perfect equipment for all digital and modern households. With the fast processing of all possible data from your devices, the well-known connection loss of multiple Internet devices is finally history. Whether surfing, streaming or playing on the Internet – everything is possible at the same time, without having heavy loading times. In addition, our smart scale enables a comprehensive management of your body tracking. This allows you to control your body and your health quick and easily. In addition to the weight, 21 additional health values of your body are measured at the same time and can be evaluated, stored and compared in the associated Phicomm Health app.


RRP: 49,95 EUR

K3C AC1900 Smart WLAN Router