About Us
Phicomm is a new brand which derives from Phicomm (Shanghai) Co., Ltd – a high tech provider for mobile communication devices as well as network solutions and system technology. Phicomm (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, which has been found in the year 2008, has been successfully established in the Asian market. The name phicomm combines the Greek letter “phi”, which also symbolizes the golden ration, and the term “communication”.

Phicomm Europe
The Phicomm Europe GmbH is a subsidiary of Phicomm (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. It is based in Munich in southern Germany. Phicomm Europe focuses on sales, service and technichal support of mobile communication systems and smartphones. Phicomm’s five main business areas are: mobile, smart home, cloud, enterprise and ICT.

On the European market, Phicomm is currently active on the smartphone market as well as in the smart home business.

Until the end of 2018 our newly built Phicomm Europe headquarter, which will be located in Unterhaching near Munich, will provide enough space for all of our business areas. The 34.000 qm large area will also exclusively accommodate Phicomm’s first European IDC cloud center.

Research and Development
To be able to constantly provide excellent products and solutions, Phicomm invests in ongoing research and development and focuses on innovations, which put the customer’s needs into the spotlight.

We are dedicated to cover today’s demands and of course also to meet tomorrow’s potential challenges. This approach can be found in our innovations, that center around technology, solutions and service.

Our highclass Team
– Experienced research and development engeneers
– Main r&d team members offer more than eight years of profound business experience
– In-house development of software and hardware
– All r&d centers are equipped with high performance measurement technology
– Our r&d centers are located all over the world: Shanghai, Bejing, San Francisco and Munich