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Smart Scale S7

The body analysis scale is an innovative Smart Scale for your home.

The body analysis Smart Scale S7 belongs to one of our innovative Smart Home solutions. Know you better with the Phicomm Smart Scale S7 because it does not only measure your weight.



 A smart device with high-precision electrodes – this is how it works

Eight highly accurate electrodes allow precise body management. The body analysis scale calculates your body values ​​with bioelectrical impedance analysis. It sends light current signals through your body to calculate your body resistance through muscles, water, bones and other components. The current is so weak, you will not perceive it. These values ​​cannot replace clinically tested parameters, but as part of a Smart Health Care program designed to keep your body healthy, it is ideal for keeping track of your values.

Smart Living will be comfortable for you – with the Smart Scale S7

The requirement for Smart Living and the natural integration of Smart Devices into everyday life is a reliable functionality. Due to the strong 2000mAh lithium battery, the Smart Scale S7 only has to be charged once a year and is therefore incredible powerful. No matter how big your apartment is, the Smart Scale 7 with its dimensions of 300 x 280 x 15 mm is particularly space-saving and convinces with its modern design. It is narrow, safe and stable. The 85.2 x 32.2 mm backlit LED screen is exceptionally bright. To integrate your Smart Scale into your Smart Life, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and a mobile device. To install the health app, your device should have at least Android ™ 4.4, iOS 8.0 or higher.




 Smart Health and the Smart Scale 7

Do you want to keep up with the next generation and take advantage of Smart Health Care and Smart Living? But what exactly is behind these terms? Smart Health in general refers to a digitization of the healthcare system. This includes not only digital medical records and telemedicine, but also the simple monitoring of body parameters from home. The body analysis scale can make a positive impact to this: with 22 different measured values, the Smart Scale S7 provides a detailed overall picture of your physical condition. You can always keep a good overview of your health. The measurement and calculation values ​​enclosed with the body analysis scales, are showing you simply which values ​​are in the green range and where you might have to help a bit to stay fit for a long time.




 The Health App and the Smart Scale 7 – easy overview and easy operation

Smart Health also includes a clear app that helps you to manage the data from the body analysis scale. The corresponding PHICOMM-Health app synchronizes itself automatically via WiFi connection during the measurement. The app gives you the opportunity to work toward your own goals and to share your achievements with others. With simple graphics, you can quickly gain a deeper understanding of your own body. Up to ten user accounts can be registered on the Smart Scale S7 via the PHICOMM Health App. The big data analysis of body values ​​is based on cloud technology. Health information are securely stored in the PHICOMM Health Cloud and is used only by the PHICOMM Health App. Only you have access to your own data and maintain a long-term view of the progression of your health with innovative Smart Health methods.



Measurement functions of the body analysis scale

The Smart Scale 7 provides up to 22 different readings and gives you a basic metabolic profile. Here are some examples that you should take special care of when measuring.


Weight and BMI with the Smart Scale:

The Body Mass Index is a value that is calculated based on your height and weight. It is an indication for overweight, underweight or ideal weight. Healthy diet and exercise have a positive effect on your weight and BMI.


Visceral fat:

Visceral fat, which can be calculated with the Smart Scale S7, is the amount of fat in your abdomen that is around your organs. This is why it is commonly known as organ fat. If this value is too high on your body analysis scale, it may increase the risk of heart problems. This is an important health indication in the field of smart health, which you should check regularly to take further action if necessary. For exact diagnoses and further measures, a doctor must be called in any case.


Body fat:

Everybody needs body fat as an energy store and for the natural messenger substances. There is also an ideal value that should not be exceeded in order not to raise any health risks, such as excessive strain on bones and joints.


Water content in the body:

Your body ideally consists of about 75% water. The exact value will be given to you by your body analysis scales. You need the high levels of body water to get nutrients, waste prodcuts and oxygen through your body. In addition, the water ensures a balanced body temperature.


Bone & Muscle Mass:

The bone mass confirms the stability of your body. A fitter and well-trained general condition is usually reflected in the condition of the bones. Same with the muscle mass. With our Smart Scale S7, you can now measure not only the muscle percentage, but also your bone mass. The body analyzer scale is an outstanding smart technology that will help you succeed in your smart life and make you even fitter. Keep track of all of your body’s values ​​and your metabolic profile and see the long-term history in your Phicomm Health app, which will become a fast, reliable and easy part of your life with Smart Health support.



determination of basic metabolic profile

Technical Data

330 x 280 x 15 mm
5-150 kg
85.2 x 32.2 mm, LED-backlit display
Up to 10
Android™ 4.4, iOS 8.0 and above
8 sensors, up to 365 days usage without charging